Granite Kitchen & Bath Countertops

There are over 8,000 slabs of Granite available for our customers

We are a Network Partner of Aracruz International Granite, and that means our customers have access to over 8,000 choices in Granite, Marble, Onyx, Quartz and more.  We are a high volume buyer and offer the lowest prices for a variety of hardsurface countertop materials, fabrication and installation.

Below are 10 choices of Group A Granite we maintain for our showroom specials

Desert Brown 2cm
Serena White 2cm
Portofino Classic 2cm
Giallo Santo Classic 2cm
Green Butterfly 2cm
Uba Tuba 2cm
Santa Cecilia Classic 2cm **Note 2 distinct colors
Negro Zimbabwe 2cm
Venetian Gold Classic 2cm

View all the Aracruz International Granite slabs here

Granite Countertops Casa Grande Tucson AZ

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