Top Selling Shade of Grey in Cabinets Greige

See our Greige color Kitchen Cabinets, a beautiful shade of Grey

After sampling over a dozen of the most popular shades of Grey, our customers voted Greige as the most popular of them all.

J&K Cabinetry offers the best colors and color consistency in the industry. To start with they use AkzoNobel, one of the world renowned leaders in the manufacture of sustainable paints, coatings and stains in the world.  AkzoNobel uses spectrometers to dial in the batches of their coatings for color matching that produces batch to batch consistency that is not detectable by the naked eye. That means when you buy our J&K cabinets, you don’t expect to see color variations like other cabinetry manufacturers have.

The image color difference between the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity below are a reflection of Two different light sources.

Check out these Greige Kitchen & Bath Cabinets

J&K Cabinetry Dealer Casa Grande, Tucson AZ

J&K Cabinetry Dealer Casa Grande, Tucson AZ

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